Marty Lukes pre Aust 100km Champs Interview

Marty Lukes is off to Australia this weekend for the Gold Coast 100km, which is also the Athletics Australia and Australian Ultra Runners’ Association national 100km championships.

You can check out the race web site HERE and the good folks over at Ultra168 have posted a little race preview also that is well worth checking out.

We managed to catch up with Marty before he leaves first thing Saturday- below is what he had to say.

Backcountry Runner- Marty you’re less than a week out from your 3rd 100km race in 4 months- how’s the body feeling?
ML- Well pretty much Ok and feeling fresh from some new yoga poses that are loosening out some kinks. Just need to kick a nasty lurgy that’s doing the rounds here at home and work.
BCR- your last run was your very impressive 7hr08 at the ANZ 100km champs at the start of May, you made that 7hr08 look pretty easy. Pre race you said you wanted to run as easy as you could to get the ANZ title- tell us a little about the race
ML- well I was aiming for a national title and that can never be taken for granted in an ultra; I knew an 8 hr time would be competitive without putting too much pressure on the body. After a few laps I felt strong enough to maintain a 6 hr 50 pace and maintained that for most of the event. A nasty cold nor east saw the split times drop from 4:10 km to 4:25 but fortunately thermal top and windbreak jacket resurrected things. I felt surprisingly good over the last 5 k so in hindsight should have pushed very hard from 85 km to clinch a 6hr time. However it was great to come away feeling able to run freely and really enjoying the sensation of running ultra for the love of it. Road is a neat format that more off roaders and adventure runners should try. I was mighty impressed that Glen Sutton was out there so soon after the 100 miler at Northburn.
BCR- Australian 100km champs- why? What is the draw to this race?
ML- there’s a wee desire to race fast on a nice bit of foreign tarseal for some cash. I haven’t raced 100 km overseas for 3 years so better get a few more in while still keen. This race is on the Gold Coast and with good friend Jake Roberts over there, it’s a nice opportunity to spend a weekend with friends too. As it’s the Aussie Champs it has some kudos with the IAU the international ultrarunners association. This should assist as a stepping stone for the World Champs in 2013.
BCR- What do you know about the course and the competition for the Australian 100km Champs?
ML- Jake reckons there’s a small hill on its out and back 12.5 km (done 4 times). Being on the Coast it should be scenic; it even goes through a small National Park. All tarseal I think and hopefully no snakes or other nasties… I stood on a snake in Aussie once so don’t want that to happen again; they move at 40 km/h apparently.
BCR- Goals, race plan- what can you tell us, without revealing too much of course.
ML- Well main goal is to be relaxed and enjoy. I’ll tell you later what the other goals are!
BCR- After NZ having no one race at this year’s World 100km champs, there have been a few whispers of a NZ team for the 2013 World Champs- do you want to add anything to that?
ML- Well its time Athletics New Zealand really came on board and supported the athletes and volunteers who drive ultra and mountain running. There are simply too many keen people and race directors who are meeting the needs of so many people for our national body not to help. We need a clear vision, easy pathways for success and financial support.
BCR- without getting ahead of ourselves too much, what else do you have planned for the rest of the year?
ML- The Naseby event is simply too good to miss as are all the wonderful local Sumner Running Club events that we do through Athletics Canterbury. Our masters and seniors are strong this year so we’ll seriously look at the national road relays. The Kepler has an addictive factor too…
BCR- Finally, any chance you can give us a little clue to what your upcoming guest post on BCR might be about….
ML- Maybe something political…. More later!

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