Furneaux Lodge Captain Cook’s Landing

Dave Parsons

The sanctuary of Marlborough’s Queen Charlotte Sounds got woken up a few times back in the late 1700’s.  First the Endeavour landed, followed by the Resolution, as Captain James Cook anchored on his journeys to record the transit of Venus.

On Saturday, 158 competitors made it their resolution to trail run or walk the 26km from Ship Cove to Punga Cove on the Queen Charlotte Track in the 14th Furneaux Lodge Captain Cook’s Landing.  All made it, making an ‘easier’ day for the Nelson Events crew with only a few sticking plasters needed.  It’s a tough course.  Only 5 have broken 2 hours but they are now joined by two more.  Dave Parsons (Wtgn) and Dallas Wichman (Chch) qualifying to have their names inscribed alongside the ‘elite company’.

Parsons’ Scottish Harrier clubmate, Patricia Sloan, returned from a ‘beaten bridesmaid’ in 2011 to take women’s honours, but had close company with Canterbury’s Rachael Jamieson and Emma Crichton following.

Only one course record tumbled as Yvonne West (Nelson) erased 19 minutes off the previous mark in the women’s 60+.

Ann Brower had her left leg, both hips, part of her spine and one of her hands crushed when crashing bricks demolished a bus in the 2011 Christchurch earthquake.  While every step still hurt for many months afterwards her zygomatius, risorius and buccinator (smiling) muscles remained engaged and were certainly fully flexed when she finished the course in 3hours 38minutes 59seconds – an inspiration to all to never give up.

Patricia Sloan


Overall.  Men:  Dave Parsons, Wtgn, 1.56.15, 1; Dallas Wichman, Chch, 1.58.18, 2; Dan Moore, Marlborough, 2.02.36, 3; Julian Davidson, Wtgn, 2.05.33, 4; Marc Lidiard, Chch, 2.07.41, 5.

Women:  Patricia Sloan, Wtgn, 2.35.19, 1; Rachael Jamieson, Chch, 2.35.37, 2; Emma Crichton, Chch, 2.36.41, 3; Helen Bradford, Wtgn, 2.45.44, 4; Charlotte Burtt, Chch, 2.48.10, 5.


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