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So where to begin with this post…..

For a while now, over 2 years or so, closer to 3, I have been thinking, toying with the idea, of a specialized trail running shop. I kept this to myself for quite a while, it was an idea that never got any further than my mind when I was out doing a long run- that place that I more often than not dream up many an idea.

Then a few months ago, after my hand was some what forced and I needed to find a new direction, I started to think a little more seriously about opening a trail running shop- a place that specialised in gear for trail, ultra and mountain adventures.  I mentioned the idea to Jane who was as enthusiastic about it as I was and so we began to put plans into motion to turn it into a reality. As we set out in setting up the store with Paul, I knew I wanted it to be more than just an on-line store- I wanted to offer more than products to the NZ trail/mountain running community and the BCR blog was rolled out- another idea that had been kicking around in my head for a while.

In many ways it is really hard to know what the reaction to the little BCR blog has been and I have no idea what will come of the shop aspect of the BCR web site. What I do know (which is not a lot) is if you don’t let one of those ideas you have kicking around in your head out every now and again you will never know. I hate “what ifs”, I probably hate them more than anything. I am about to find out and that is really exciting.

Check it out-  and use the code “Shop BCR” in your shopping cart to get 15% off in our little “opening sale”.


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  1. Congrat’s on the wins in Canada and Adelaide! If you’re doing Kepler this year, Vajin and Marty better look out. I rate BCR as the best source of NZ trail running news and views on the web – so you’re doing a great job. I’ll make sure to check out your BCR shop when I wear out my gear.
    I have taken your advice to ‘go long’ and have entered Kepler. The training’s going well – loving the terrain in Hanmer Springs as I’m able to run for 4h+ on the hiking and MTB trails in the forest without doing the same track twice. Would you be willing to share Kepler race splits for a 5h15 time, or thereabouts? I’m planning a recce in 3.5 weeks time, but would be good to have some targets along the way…

  2. Great working with you on both of these projects Grant.

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