UltrAspire Double Rainbow- the KDay Report

Kristain Day is more than a wildly hansom young fellow from the Chatham Island, best know for master minding the “Speaker Vest” that pumped out 80′s rock anthems as he paced Ruby Muir at this years Tawawera Ultra- he is also a pretty handy runner and he also tells a good yarn. he is one such yarn, from the¬†inaugural Double Rainbow trail marathon, put on by Shaun and the team from Lactic Turkey Events.

It was a bit of a mixed bag when I found out I couldn’t go to GWTM because Ruby and I messed up the flights. On one hand I was a bit gutted, but on the other hand the last 12 weeks of training have been going super well and I didn’t feel like compromising it yet with the standard taper/recovery regime of a hard trail marathon.

Likewise, when Shaun invited me up to the inaugural Double Rainbow trail marathon, I was unsure whether or not to risk a tough blowout and lose valuable base training for my focus races later in the year. In the end though, I figured I would head up for the race anyway. My thinking was by not tapering or preparing specifically for the run my legs would be fatigued enough that they wouldn’t be able to physically push hard enough to cause any serious damage. So, after 110km in the previous 5 days I lined up next to Chris Morrissey and a handful of other cats, looking down the barrel of a big day.

The first 70 minutes or so we minced around some rolling farm land, slipping on the frosty grass and breaking the ice puddles. I was well aware that Chris’s level was a par above my own so I let him set what seemed to be an easy pace as we finally jogged off the farm and onto the single track of the mountain.


Kristain nearing the top of the climb. Photo: Michael Rodliffe

As predicted Chris flew up the side of mountain leaving me in his wake, and by the time I reached the summit he had already been through the small out and back section and was on his way back down. Well, it was fun while it lasted. I had a great descent however, and the awesome downhill MTB tracks reminded me of home and by the time I reached the bottom for the 1st small loop of the figure 8 I could see Chris 15-20s ahead of me.

By the time I started climbing for the 2nd time I was feeling pretty nifty, and as it turns out it was my fastest ascent of the day. Not fast enough obviously because at the top Chris had increased his lead again. Damn mountain goat. The 2nd loop around the base of the mountain is longer than the first and takes in a lot more flat road running, and I was surprised when within a few minutes I had caught Chris again and I was back in the competition for 1st.

After another 10-15 minutes yarning with Chris we started the third climb which was pretty average, I was getting to know it pretty well now and I knew I was slowing down.. a lot. Again Chris pulled away, and unfortunately I wasn’t able to smash the descent like I had the first time so wasn’t able to reel him in again. I was still running well on the rolling sections of the small loop though and was confident that, as long as he wasn’t too far ahead I would be able to run him down on the final flat K’s back into camp.

The fourth and final climb was epically bad, I was being passed by old ladies who were walking up and it was fairly demoralizing to be fair. Needless to say when I got to the summit and found out that Chris was only 5mins up on me I was pretty surprised. Maybe he was having a bad day?

KDay finish

Kristain crossing in 2nd place, 4hr17min, 3mins behind Chris. Photo: Shaun Collins/

I flew down the mountain road fairly fast and passed all the ladies who had kindly crushed my soul on the way up, fueled by thoughts of catching me some sweet Morrissey steak. Unfortunately at the bottom my legs just wouldn’t respond, and it took all my will power just to keep upright over the final few farm K’s to the finish. In the end though, Chris was only 3 tantalizingly close minutes ahead of me which I didn’t think was too bad.

Overall a sweet, sweet run. 47km all up and brutally hard, the 4 descents surely know how to smash quads into jelly. Cheers Shaun Collins for putting on a stunner, and thanks legs for still working today.

Full results HERE

Tomorrow- a race report from Double Rainbow winner Chris Morrissey!


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