Lucas Duross T42 Race Report

T42logo2012Lucas Duross raced the Total Sports T42 this past weekend- after coming unstuck at the Tarawera earlier this year Lucas was after a good run, till the end- here is his T42 race report.

Heart pumping, legs twitching, and ready to race. It’s the morning of T42; a trail marathon located in the Tongariro National Park. The air is crisp. I always forget how hard a marathon is until I’m right in the middle of one, thinking “why do I do this!?”

Even at the start of this one I’m telling myself that it’s “only” a marathon. My plan was to start very conservatively and then smash the second half of the race. I’m just sick of blowing up and painfully running the last section, rather than racing it and finishing strong.

That was the plan, and looking back I did follow the plan, although, it can be debated whether the plan was right for that race.  However, if you don’t plan, you plan to fail, so some plan was better than no plan.

Lucas at the T42- Photo:

Lucas at the T42- Photo:

The race had begun, the plan fresh in my head, I was off to work. Kristain Day and Kerry Suter were my targets, although I knew that if I tried to keep up with them I would end up blowing up and walking home, so I let them take off after about 3k. I kept saying to myself “Lucas stick to the plan, stick to the plan, don’t worry about them, focus on your race, run your own race” and, in the most part, I achieved this.

I got to 20k feeling good, and it was at that point where I picked up the pace and set the audacious goal of catching Kristian Day. I ran hard, I ran the up-hill’s fast, and flew down the downers. After around 29k I passed what’s called your ‘form threshold’, my stride length dropped, my knees were low, and my cadence even lower, I had started to slow down. I had to focus on my form or I knew that the race would be over; it had become a battle between my head and my legs. Eventually, my legs won – but remaining true to myself, I still put up a damn good fight.

In the end Kristian beat me by around 4mins and I don’t want to even mention how far ahead Kerry Suter was!  Did the plan work? Well, any plan is better than no plan. Could I of run faster at the start? Was I too conservative in my approach? Who knows? All I know is that at Tarawera I blew up at 28k and at T42 I ran strong to the finish and that’s the result I was looking for. The win will come, but I guess like all good things in life, it comes to those who wait…..or train hard enough!

LP.S the after party was insane!! It must be true, Tequila lubricates the joints!


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