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Updated 15th July 2013- Since we posted this review of Tailwind by Bernard Robinson, I (Grant Guise), have be able to test out Tail wind a bit more myself. I used some Trailwind at the Wild Earth Ascent. We did 2x 20km laps, so I was able to grab a 2nd bottle at the start  of 2nd lap. I think I had 2 scoops in each 20oz bottle and also used some VFuel gels  also. It seemed to work really well. I don’t think I would want to rely solely on tailwind- I am a fan of something more solid like a VFuel gel or sport beans (or rice and potato chips in really long stuff). But it is great to be able to sip away and have something really easy and not ever really feel hungry- I had a gel because I felt like I should have one, not that felt like I “needed” it.” Read below for Bernard full review-

Tailwind Endurance is a relatively new product on the market and I have to admit to not giving it too much attention when I first seen it hit the market. I have had mixed results with “liquid” fuel in the past and generally use gels, the occasional jelly snake/chew chomp thing and water. And coke- of course! My interest in Trailwind increased when Matty Able sang its praises pre Northburn100 and again when friend and fellow Team Fartleck member Bernard Robinson said he used it.

Then I was sent a few samples and asked to review Tailwind- which was great, who doesn’t like trying new stuff?! Except it was post Routeburn and I have done next to nothing for the past month!  Step in Bernard- Bernard is training hard for Ultra Trail Mt Blanc later in the year, logging some big training sessions, and has lots experience with Tailwind already. Below is his take on Tailwind Endurance-

tailwindAre you one of those people that start your race feeling like a world champ then only to have this crushed when you start consuming lolly water or gels that would cause your average Ant to go into a frenzy of ecstasy with all the sweet tasting sugar!!

So once you have had enough of consuming your allowable daily dosage  in the first two hours what then! You know you need energy but cannot stomach it any more. Does this sound all too familiar!!

Well it has been for me for many years struggling to find the key to nutrition and admittedly it will differ from person to person but I would like to say I have found the ‘Meaning of Life” and it comes in a packet, TAILWIND!! OMG, Finally a drink that may just blow you away, it ticks all the boxes:

Is the taste acceptable


I have gone for the “Naked” flavour (ie no taste)but there are flavour options available
Did they fix the sweet sugar problem


Amazingly even the flavoured options are not sweet.
Did they fix the stomach upset problem


Up to 8hrs running so far and killing it. Bring it on!
Can you keep drinking it after many hours


For sure, how many drinks can you say this about!
Do I still feel strong several hours into it?


Still smashing up the hills! Stoked!
Bernard Tailwind

Bernard stomping his way up the “Golden Stairs” at the recent TNF100, fuelled by Tailwind.

After reading many reviews on the web with people stating they only use the drink and no food for Ultra Marathons seemed a little far-fetched.  But you don’t know unless you try for yourself.  Needless to say I think most of the reviews are on the mark. I have been out for several  long runs up to 8 hours and Tailwind is really all it is cracked up to be. It is not very often you can say that you are hanging out to drink more of this stuff on your sessions.

I could keep writing and say how well this has been working for me but that may get boring,  so instead get hold of your local dealer and try it yourself, I would hazard a guess you may be pleasantly surprised! And I have very impressed with the local supplier who was excellent to deal with so it has been a win win on all avenues.

Note- I have used it a few time snow and so far so good- as Bernard says, pleasantly surprised!- Grant.

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