Whitney Dagg Pre Buffalo Interview

Ahead of next months Oceania Skyrunning Championships, the Buffalo Stampede, we will be catching up with members of Team Ultimate Direction New Zealand. Team UD NZ have a strong team traveling to the small town of Bright, in the Victorian Alps, that will be overrun by Skyrunners between April 10th- 12th.

Today we chat with Whitney Dagg, who has had recent wins at the Shotover Moonlight Marathon and Northburn 1/2 Marathon, despite coming off a long injury layoff. Whitney, like the rest of Team UD, will be running the Buffalo Ultra- 75km and 4545 meters of vertical!

Before we get to the Buffalo, how has your summer of running/racing gone and where has the Buffalo fit into your summer and with the other races you have (or have not) done?


Whitney on her way to winning the Shotover Moonlight.

WD: My summer of running/racing has not gone to plan. I had surgery on my ITB back in June 2014 and I was expecting to be back to full training and racing this summer. Unfortunately my recovery has been a very long haul, and training has been very up and down. I have managed a few shorter mountain races this summer but Buffalo will be my first big race back post surgery. My knee is still slightly niggly, but I am hoping I will have a good run on the day. Fingers crossed!

How has your approach and build up in training been compared to other races?


I have been working with a new coach, Christophe Malarde, who has got me doing alot more shorter but harder sessions, rather than lots of long slow sessions. Because of my knee injury, I have been getting out on my Mountain Bike alot more for cross-training, while still working on my aerobic endurance.

Will this be your first Skyrunning race?

 WD: Yes! Super excited and amped for my first Skyrunning race!

What has you more nervous- the 4545m of vertical over 75km at Buffalo, or the Snakes?

WD: This sounds abit silly, but probably the snakes. Uphill is actually the best type of running for my knee, so the more the better! And 4500m will be the most vert I have ever climbed, which will be a pretty cool achievement.

What are you looking forward to most at the Buffalo Stampede?

WD: Looking at the footage from last years race, it looked like a very cool atmosphere. Because I have had so much time off with my injury, I am basically super excited to be involved, and to race my first Skyrunning event. I’m looking forward to meeting new trail runners and having some good quality chat.

Your post (or pre for that matter) beer choice at the Bright Brewery?

 WD: M.I.A.I.P.A, and post race of course!

Do you have any idea how big a “schooner” is?

 WD: I’m pretty sure it’s less than a pint.

A few folks are doing the “Grand Slam”- the Buffalo 26, 75 and 42km races over the Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Who are you more excited about seeing suffer up the “Big Walk” on Sunday- Matt Bixley or Dan Bleakman?

 WD: Who is Dan Bleakamn??

Post Buffalo Stampede what other races do you have on the calendar for the year? Do you plan on running any of the other Oceania Skyrunning Series races?

WD: Depending on how my knee holds out, I do have a few races in mind for the rest of the year. I would like to do 3 more Skyrunning races, so that I can get a overall ranking in the series. I am hoping to get to the TNF 100 in May, the Mount Difficulty Ascent Marathon in June, Barney’s Bluff SkyMarathon in August, then Mt Oxford Sky Rock n Run in November.


More Buffalo Stampede and Skyrunning Australia/New Zealand info-

Buffalo Stampede Website and Facebook page.

Skyrunning Australia/New Zealand Website and Facebook page.


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