Marty Lukes Pre Buffalo Interview

Today we chat with Christchurch’s Marty Lukes ahead of the Buffalo Stampede Ultra, that takes place on the 11th April in Bright, Victoria.

While many in Straya (and Johnny-come-latelies in NZ for that matter) might not be familiar with Marty Lukes, the guy is kind of a big deal. A 100km best of 6hr46min, a 4hr48min Kepler , as well as Northburn and Naseby 100mile course records to his name, the Honey Badger is really pretty badass.

Well below Marty plays off his fitness for the Buffalo, there are a few pretty impressive work outs he has dropped leading into Buffalo that makes one things he might ruffle a few feathers and hurt a few feelings.


Marty atop of Christchurch’s Sugar Loaf.

Before we get to the Buffalo, how has your summer of running/racing gone?

After a year of an Earthquake rebuild home and then being flooded out from our temporary rental accommodation it was a relief to get 2014 over. It took a while to work off the Christmas and New Year excess and learn how to run let alone train again. It’s heartening to be thoroughly enjoying reconnecting with people and trails around Canterbury. The Ultimate Direction Mt Oxford Odyssey was a way to knock off rust in January and feel more confident with training and racing heading into the rest of 2015.

Where does the Buffalo fit into your summer and with the other races you have (or have not) done?

Buffalo will be a springboard for 2 or 3 key events in 2015. I’m keen to get a good road marathon under my belt again; Christchurch for sentimental reasons as it is a return to our rebuilding city. Wellington as it is their 30th anniversary. Running on the road is an excuse to get faster and this should pay off for a return to NZ’s outstanding 100 mile event down at Naseby. It is such a cool event! Fortunately it flies under the radar, so get there before everyone else does! I’m mustering up courage to run a road 100 mile late 2015; Around Taranaki may be on the cards.

How has your approach and build up in training been compared to other races?

I’ve had a very low key approach as I’ve wanted to train smart; low volume but some key sessions for strength. There has been an emphasis on hills though I haven’t hit the big mountains due to work, family and life commitments.

Will this be your first Skyrunning race?

Depends how Skyrunning is defined…

What has you more nervous- the 4545mD+ of vert over 75km at Buffalo, or the Snakes?

Does Oz have snakes….?!

What are you looking forward to most at the Buffalo Stampede?

The 74,999 m mark

Marty in the Port Hills above Christchurch.

Your post (or pre for that matter) beer choice at the Bright Brewery?

I’ll go for the tasting tray…

Do you have any idea how big a “schooner” is?

Bigger than my wife’s kayak.

A few folks are doing the “Grand Slam”- the Buffalo 26, 75 and 42km races over the Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Who are you more excited about seeing suffer up the “Big Walk” on Sunday- Matt Bixley or Dan Bleakman?

 Hopefully neither if the Bright Brewery is open.

Post Buffalo Stampede what other races do you have on the calendar for the year? Do you plan on running any of the other Oceania Skyrunning Series races?

In addition to Christchurch and Naseby I’m really looking forward to a good Cross Country and Road season with the Sumner Running Club. I’ll need to find out more about the Oceania Skyrunning Series. 

Remember- nothing can stop the Honey Badger when it is hungry….

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