Becky Nixon pre TNF100

Becky Nixon will line up at this Saturdays TNF100 in Australia’s Blue Mountains as an unknown to most outside of New Zealand, but with an 18hr15min win at the 2014 Naseby 100mile and a win at inaugural Ultra Easy 100km in January, she is establishing her self as one of the leading lady’s in the NZ ultra-running scene. Especially over tough, demanding course like the one she will face on Saturday. We had a quick catch up with the British native, who now calls Queenstown home, to see how things are looking for her run at TNF100.


Becky wining the Ultra Easy 100km in January.

After a great start to the year, smoking the Ultra Easy, what have you been up to Becky?

- after the big easy ultra I had a few weeks off running and strength training and spent a bit of time back in the pool and heaps of yoga. Then pretty much just focusing on TNF.
How has your TNF100 prep gone? What focused work outs have you been doing?

-prep I think has gone good, had a few hiccups with a old injury but after some therapy all seems to be good. I’ve spent some time in the gym strength training, and high intensity plyometrics workouts. I have been running 2 to 3 times a week, a long mountainous run with hiking thrown in, a smaller run with stair repeats chucked in for a mini heart attack lol and then a easy recovery runs. I’v been doing good recovery spins on the bike a day after a big run heaps and heaps of yoga also.
This is your first TNF100? Have you been to the Blue Mountains before?

- yes I’ve been to the blue mountains before, when I lived in Sydney 7 years ago, but pretty much just went to the viewing point to see the 3 sisters, jumped back in the car and left, (wasn’t really fit back then, too much partying!).

This must be the most competitive ultra you have run? Certainly a step up from Naseby or the Ultra Easy!

-yes this will be the most competitive ultra I have done! Scary and exciting at the same time…. be good to see how I stack up against these hardouts, its gonna be inspiring to see some of these top women race!
What are your expectations/time goals going in?

-hmm time and goals? I have no clue what time ill be looking at, if we go by the Big Easy then I guess 14hrs… but to be honest I don’t wanna worry too much on my time I just wanna finish strong and finish feeling satisfied that I gave it everything, and enjoy it at the same time, if that’s possible? (I will probably crawl over the finishing in a world of pain lol) Goal is to stay focused, not get caught up in the fast pace at the start, be consistent and have some fun with my bloody awesome support crew! No expectations.
Post TNF- what do you have coming up?

- post TNF, rest recover, eat a shit load of chocolate, get that out my system…lol. then back into training for the Swiss Iron Trail in August, and my awesome mission of crewing at UTMB ;o)


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