What Casinos Do You Play Blackjack At?

Blackjack is one of the most popular card games in casinos around the world. You will find a table to play at almost any gambling establishment, anywhere in the world where gambling is not prohibited.Blackjack is one of the most popular card games in casinos, the main purpose of which is to beat the dealer (casino representative).

Below is a list of casinos where you can play blackjack.

Casino Baden-Baden, Baden-Baden (Germany)

Baden-Baden is a world famous gourmet spa resort in the German Black Forest region. It is a kind of quintessence of glamour and history in one. It opened over two hundred years ago, in 1809. The architectural solution refers to the famous French royal palaces. Visitors can evaluate the refinement and historical value of the palace on a tour, which is held throughout the complex.

Of course, blackjack is one of the main games in Baden-Baden. In addition, you can enjoy roulette, poker and one of more than a hundred slot machines. Each gaming room has retained its historical name.

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The Bellagio, Las Vegas (USA)

Casino Bellagio is one of the symbols of Las Vegas, the center of the world gambling industry, and is on the top of the most popular casinos in the world. It was opened relatively recently, in the late last century (1998). Facility’s design is a classic style of Las Vegas: luxury reigns inside, on the territory of many fountains, shopping center, restaurants and much more. In Hollywood movies, released over the past 15 years, Bellagio often becomes a stage action. It even has an art gallery with original Picasso and Warhol.

Countless blackjack tables offer every conceivable variation of the game. There you can meet famous poker players and even play with them. Of course, roulette, slot machines and hundreds of other games are waiting for visitors.

Caesar’s Palace, Las Vegas (USA)

Another legendary Vegas casino is deservedly on our list. Caesar’s Palace was built half a century ago. Since then, it’s been reconstructed and expanded several times. As can be easily guessed by its name, it reproduces the style of Roman times with the addition of the charm of Las Vegas.

You’ll find plenty of playrooms, and besides them you’ll find shops, restaurants, nightclubs and everything you need to have a good time here.

Blackjack is played here at a huge number of tables and there are almost no restrictions. Also try your luck at roulette, slot machines, baccarat, dice and many other games.

Casino de Monte Carlo, Monte Carlo (Monaco)

Monaco is a tiny country, renowned as a country of rich and striking luxury, yet with low taxes. Casino Monte Carlo is the highest in its class, combining 150 years of history and innovative trends in contemporary design. The variety of games is quite impressive and there is a separate room for blackjack. The betting limits are very high, as are the winnings of the lucky ones that they take down at one of the countless tables. There are also board games, roulette, poker and everything else that must be in a top class casino.

Foxwood Resort Casino, Connecticut…

Foxwood Resort is proof that high-end casinos in the United States are not only in Las Vegas and Atlantic City. The casino was built in 1986 as part of the largest hotel complex in the world. Originally, it was just a single room for bingo games, but it quickly grew into a full-fledged casino. To be more precise, it grew to a complex of 6 casinos. Each of them has blackjack, and besides dice, roulette, slot machines, etc.

Venetian casino, Macao, China

Macau has become a serious competitor to Las Vegas in recent years, so it’s no surprise that casinos from this Chinese peninsula are on our list. It’s a copy of the American entertainment complex of the same name, but it’s even bigger than the original. The Venetian casino in Macau covers almost 50,000 square meters – it’s the largest casino in the world. Blackjack is among the most popular games here, but you will find many more: restaurants, a luxury hotel, shops, even “Venetian” canals with gondoliers.

The Empire Casino, London, England

Originally, this luxurious casino was a Victorian concert hall, and its modern look and purpose was only acquired in the 21st century. British Las Vegas – that’s how you can describe it in two words. No doubt, when you get to Empire, you will feel not the remnants of the royal grandeur of old England, but the gaming spirit of the capital of the gaming industry. No real casino can do without all kinds of blackjack tables, and this is no exception. It offers roulette, poker, slot machines and other gambling.

Casino-de-Charlevoix, La Malbe (Canada)

Casino-de-Charlevoix is an organic part of the picturesque town of La Malbe.

It is surrounded by nature, the architecture is in harmony with the surrounding landscape. The gaming halls are located in a castle built in the 19th century by the French. In addition to the many blackjack tables, the casino has roulette, poker and about 800 slot machines.

Trump Taj Mahal Casino Resort, Atlantic City (USA)

Although Atlantic City is thought to be in the shadow of Las Vegas, it is capable of meeting the demanding demands of players. The Taj Mahal is one of three casinos owned by billionaire and 2016 elected president, Donald Trump. Of all three, it’s the most impressive in scale. Architecture is an interesting combination of historical elements and modern glamour. Inside there are a lot of blackjack tables, more slot machines, poker and roulette tables and much more.

MGM Grand Casino, Las Vegas

MGM Grand Casino is one part of the world’s third largest hotel and has one of the largest gaming spaces, second only to the Macau giant. The complex was erected in the mid-nineties. The original design theme was the wizard of Oz. Over time, the casino has undergone several reconstructions and slightly changed, but the fairytale motifs are still recognizable. There are 139 tables dedicated to card games, a significant part of which is used for blackjack, the rest for poker. There is also room for hundreds of slot machines and all other entertainment.

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