Blackjack strategies: Basic, Doubles, Chase, and Helo.

You should not start trying your hand at a blackjack card game without knowing the popular and frequently used strategies of the game. There are 4-5 known theories widely used by the majority of users and professionals. We will consider the main points of each strategy.

Basic strategy

Every beginner starts with basic theory. The main mistake of the overwhelming majority of beginners – having received 12-16 points at the first hand, they begin to worry a lot, being afraid to get the 3rd card of the ten, most often found in the deck. As a result, they keep the first 2 cards in this situation, which leads to the loss of the whole bank at a distance. The basic theory comes to their rescue, which explains in detail with the help of a table on how to proceed with any possible initial handing of cards.

This table considers all possible initial combinations (270 in total) and how best to act on them. For example, 12 points fell out at once, and the dealer’s open card gives 8 points. Let’s see what we should do according to the table in this case. The basic theory suggests taking another card, but if the dealer had 5 points open, in this case, it is recommended to say “enough”.

Theory of Doubling

After each loss, it is recommended to double the bet and after the 1st win return to the minimum value. This is one of the risky theories, for success in it requires three main conditions: the maximum bet limit must be frankly high, and preferably unlimited; a huge game bank; iron shutter speed.

Guys with experience say that this theory is much more effective than in sports betting and roulette, but in any case, it is based on high risk.

Helo System

Anna’s theory is also popular with beginners, but it’s more suitable for single-well blackjack. Why is that? Let me get this straight.

When distributing cards, they should be counted according to the table presented, net 8 means “0”, and one point should be taken away at the shaft. If in the course of the counting there is a minus value, it is recommended to give up further play. If there is a plus, which means that there are pictures in the deck, it is recommended to increase the bet amount. In this case, you must take into account that gave the first card distribution.

The Persecution Theory

This strategy is based on the use of a winning streak and a losing streak. Each experienced player will prove that there are periods when victories alternate with victories, but often there is a clean slate of Victories and losing bets of 5-7 at a time, or even more.